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Reconstruction of Victim

Unidentified White Male

Vital Statistics

  • Estimated age: 20-30 years old
  • Approximate Height and Weight: 5'9"; 140-160 lbs.
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: White male. Clean-shaven, with short, medium-brown hair; blue eyes. The deceased had no tattoos, surgical scars or unusual characteristics that might have helped to identify him. May have been heavy at one time in his life as he had stretch type marks on either side of his navel. Believed to have been a heavy smoker.
  • Dentals: Available
  • Clothing: He was wearing a black denim button shirt with a gold "crown" logo displayed on the left front pocket. Under this shirt the victim wore a white t-shirt with the words "Boca Authentic" on the front. He also wore faded blue jeans, white socks and a pair of size 12 and 1/2, blue and white Reebok runners (his shoe size is actually 9 3/4).
  • Fingerprints: Available
  • DNA: Available
  • AKA: The victim called himself "David"

Case History
The victim was located at the Canadian Pacific Railway crossing at 13th Avenue and Courtney Street, in Regina, Saskatchewan on July 28, 1995.

Police interviewed two CP rail employees who had just witnessed the young man come from the ditch on the south side of the tracks, when the engineer blew the horn, the man stepped back, clear of the tracks, he seemed to change his mind, then position himself in the path of an eastbound, four locomotive train hauling 104 box cars.  The victim was killed instantly by the impact.

He carried no personal identification and a search of a knapsack he'd had in his possession, revealed some clothing and personal items, but virtually nothing to help investigators determine his identity. In his pocket, there was a silver brooch, shaped like a rose, sometimes referred to as "The Christmas Rose". The individual may have been in Kamloops, BC, at Padova City Resorts Inc., as he was in possession of one of their T-shirts.

One of the best leads in this investigation was contact from a witness who believed he had been in the company of the unknown male for a few days. He described the two traveling together, hitchhiking on July 22nd from Strathmore, Alberta to Swift Current and then to Regina, arriving in the Queen City on July 24, 1995.

The witness gave police insights into the habits, moods and mannerisms of "John Doe" and recalled bits of conversation between them. They learned that his manners were impeccable, his nails appeared manicured, he wore neatly cut hair, a close shave, was well dressed and well groomed. The unknown male's travelling partner stated that the unknown male said his name was Brian and he was from Ontario.
He did not seem to be a drifter. He didn't know street slang, and barely knew how to thumb a ride. He enjoyed Stephen King novels and liked discussing politics. He constantly wrote in a diary, but the book was never found. He used a silver fountain pen. 

Police believe he had recently broken up with a woman named Kathy and was probably on his way back east toward where he'd come from. He called himself "David" but it may not be his true name.  Police believe he may have been from the Maritimes or New England.

John Doe is buried in the Southeast portion of Regina's Riverside Cemetery. 

Jacket Rose
Shirts, Rose and Grave of Victim

If you have any information about this case please contact:
Regina Police Service Cold Case Unit
Crime Stoppers
306-545-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-222-8477

You may remain anonymous when submitting information.

Source Information:
Regina Police Service
The Brandon Sun - 12/9/05
Saskatchewan Missing Persons

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